Making Loc. Info. Link Set. work

Camera menu systems are complicated, and those of Sony cameras are doubly so. But eventually you find your way around ~900 menu items and you make peace with them.

Until you need to perform a setup task that you usually do only once when you configure your new camera, that is. Recently, I switched to a different Android device, and I needed to activate Location Information Linkage. In case you are not familiar with this feature, it allows you to link a camera to an iOS or Android device and use the latter to geotag photos. A really useful thing, in other words.

Even though I couldn’t even remember the last time I configured that feature, I was confident that it would be pretty straightforward. But as Woody Allen put it, “Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.”

So I installed the Imagine Edge Mobile app on my new Android device, made sure that Bluetooth was enabled on my camera, opened the app, and was ready to tap on the Location Information Linkage entry, and… Well, the app had no such entry. OK, maybe I need to pair my Android device with the camera. Done, still nothing. No problem, I’ll just follow the official instructions. Nope, stuck on step 2, because there is no Location Information Linkage entry.

Trawling the web for answers, I stumbled upon this page in Sony’s Help Guide that explains the procedure.

Basically, to enable the Location Information Linkage entry in the Imaging Edge Mobile app, you need to 1) establish a Wi-Fi connection between your camera and the mobile device, 2) take a photo, and finally 3) send the photo from the camera to the mobile device. There is no explanation why this convoluted procedure is required, but at least it works.

OK, so I finally managed to enable the Location Information Linkage entry, but here was one last hoop to jump. I had to unpair my camera from the Android device, and pair it again – this time from within the Imagine Edge Mobile app.

I’m posting this here on the off chance that others may find it useful.

© Dmitri Popov